Prospective Students

Are you considering becoming a physician or physician’s assistant? What about a dentist, optometrist or podiatrist? Or becoming the person who discovers a new treatment for diabetes or heart disease? The opportunities at MU will provide excellent academic preparation for health professional schools.

In selecting your undergraduate institution, you may be wondering “How many of your applicants get into medical school?” However, the answer to this one question may not tell you the most important things you need to know. We suggest that you ask the following questions at each of the colleges you’re considering:

At MU, the MedOpp Advising Office assists all students who are interested in a career in medicine (allopathic and osteopathic), dentistry, optometry, podiatry and PA. We will help you decide whether medicine is the best career for you and assist you in meeting the academic and other requirements for professional school.

One-on-One Advising: Students are invited to make individual appointments with their assigned adviser. Appointments are individualized and personal. During these appointments, we encourage students to carefully consider the core competencies needed to be a successful healthcare professional. We also assist students in developing strengths and abilities through opportunities in the classroom, on campus, and in the community.

Introductory and Development Workshops: We offer presentations specifically targeted to people who have just entered MU (or are new to the pre-med path) and others that will help you keep on track with your development. Our “What Every Pre-Med Should Know” workshop provides a broad overview of what it takes to create a successful candidacy. We also offer presentations on shadowing practitioners, volunteering in healthcare and other settings, and joining a research lab.

Application Year Programming: Juniors and seniors participate in MDAP (Medical and Dental Application Program), a series of seminars, personal consultations and interactive workshops designed to prepare and assist students with the application process.

Electronic Communication: MedOpp maintains a listserv with a weekly newsletter of events and announcements. We also maintain a Canvas site with a repository of handouts and resources for MU students.

A committee letter is an overview and evaluation of your candidacy for medical or dental school written by a team of faculty and/or staff from your university. MU does offer a committee letter. It is generated through a committee interview, which mirrors a medical or dental school interview, and comprehensive review of your CV, transcript, personal statement and letters of recommendation. The committee interview and the committee letter are valuable features of your application to medical and dental schools. Not all colleges and universities offer a committee letter, so an applicant from MU has an important advantage. In addition, while the committee interview is not a practice interview, it does provide valuable insight into what a medical or dental school interview will be like; we also offer debriefing appointments for students afterward to discuss their performance.

MU consistently ranks significantly above the national average (~44-45%) for acceptance into medical school. For the 2017 entering class, 75% of MU’s applicants with a minimum of 3.5 cumulative GPA and 505 on the MCAT were accepted into medical school. The overall acceptance rates for all candidates for medical school was 68%. For dental school, the overall acceptance rate was 76%.

FAQs for Prospective Students

Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive are addressed briefly below.

Yes, as long as the requirements of the professional schools are met. There is no “pre-med” major at MU, but as long as students work together with their major adviser and the MedOpp adviser they can major in anything they want.

You can check out the general recommended coursework for a health profession school, here.

Medical and other health profession schools’ selections are based upon several factors, including GPA, standardized test scores, letters of evaluation, personal history and background, interests, motivation, knowledge and involvement in the health profession, extracurricular activities, and personal interview.

Yes! In fact, it is encouraged for students interested in studying abroad to meet with their academic adviser early in their career to make plans for that opportunity. However, it is not recommend for students to take any of their pre-health coursework abroad.

MU gives credit for several AP/IB exams. Please note though that not every health profession school will accept AP/IB credit. They will want to see you take additional coursework in that subject area. This issue can be discussed in more detail with your MedOpp Adviser.

Please contact the Admissions Office to schedule your campus visit: 1-800-225-6075.