For Prospective Students

Pre-Med Scholars Program

The Pre-Med Scholars Program is intended to provide participants with meaningful health care experiences and to strengthen their overall understanding of medicine. In conjunction with the MedOpp Advising Office, scholars will be provided with the resources necessary to improve their candidacy for medical school. We select approximately 20 students to participate annually. For more information, please call 573-882-3893 or email:

people eating pizza
Pre-Med Scholars enjoying pizza at Shakespeare’s with current medical students from the MU School of Medicine.

The Pre-Med Scholars Program offers participants:

  • Specialized workshops and informational meetings
  • Mentorship with senior pre-med students and current medical students
  • Opportunity for hospital volunteering
  • Exposure to community service opportunities
  • Tips on setting up shadowing experiences


You are invited to apply for admission to the Premed Scholars Program if you have an interest in medicine and have been accepted to the Honors College. To apply to the Honors College, go to If you are not accepted to the Honors College but still wish to apply to Pre-Med Scholars, be sure to provide additional information in the final question of the application below.


The application for the Fall 2019 Pre-Med Scholars cohort closed on February 15, 2019.

Letter of Recommendation

You must have one letter of recommendation in support of your application. The letter may be from a teacher, administrator, employer, physician, or other professional acquaintance. Your recommendation writer will send the letter to:


Susan Geisert, MedOpp Program Manager
attn: Pre-Med Scholars Program
214 Lowry Hall
Columbia, MO 65211